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Buying Barbie Boxes

The development team of Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie products,
realized the need for innovative boxes and packaging for Barbie Dolls,
in order to rekindle the trend of Barbie doll collections among
children. There are several types of Barbie boxes.

The most common is
the Plastic Window Box. These boxes have been available since 1988, and
have clear fronts, so you can view the doll from the window. But if the
doll is removed from the box, it is often damaged, as there are many
twist ties and other devices fastening the doll to the box.

A second
type of Barbie Box is the cardboard sleeve box which usually comes with
the more expensive collectibles such as some porcelain styles, or
Christian Dior dolls.. This box makes it impossible to display the doll.
Either a cardboard sleeve or a cardboard flap must be removed to get
access to the doll. For this reason, this type of box is not suitable
for display. Currently, the most popular Barbie box is considered to be
the lift-off box.

This box can be seen with newer releases like the
Victorian Barbie and the Sophisticated Lady Barbie. These boxes are
reminiscent of vintage Barbie, and all you need to do is cut two very
small clear plastic seals behind the boxFind Article, and the flap can be lifted.

There will be no window between the doll and its beholder. All the
merchandise you could want can be found for sale online from various
auction sites and even those websites that specifically cater to
character and figure merchandise. All you need to do is have a look

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